Time to…

For those of you that have worked in ESL Teaching, I’m sure you’re aware of the delightful term “office hours”. Unlike normal use, this term doesn’t refer to the time you spend at work. No, it refers to a blank space in time where nothing get’s done… Nothing! Zip! Bugger all! It’s the period of time between lessons, in which you are obligated to simply be there!

Lesson planning doesn’t quite fill up this time. as a result I’m currently¬†sitting in my office chair (one that leans just a little bit too far back) having an online rant about these dreaded periods of empty time.

I know what you’re thinking… “Who does this idiot think he is?! I have to slave away all day to make a living!”

And you’d be right to have that thought. I’ve read books, had naps, played games, watched films, had naps and many other easy-going activities. But that is the very¬†problem, I’ve done it all, and I’ll do it all again before the week is out, but how long can a person really spend doing pretty much nothing?

I enjoy my job, I genuinely enjoy teaching. However, coming in to work to do what I could do at home isn’t really my cup of tea. Actually, it is a cup of tea. I hate tea!

This is why I’m about to make yet another empty promise to no one in particular. I promise to be more productive with this temporal vacuum. I promise to learn things, write things, research things, build things… right after this nap!