The Journey

I’m going to say it as it is… I am a Terrible blogger! (Oh yes… That’s a capital “T” you see there!) You may all think that absolutely nothing is happening. That my life in China is just so bland that there is nothing to write about. But that isn’t true… In truth I have been doing plenty, and I’m really just that lazy that I haven’t gotten round to write about it.

I guess I should catch you all up. Tell you some stories, educate your minds, give you a giggle, maybe even the odd pic or two.


So to start… Here is my beginning!


Heathrow airport, Terminal 5, October 6th. The start of it all (before the lost passport of course)! Doesn’t it look lovely. Blue skys with just a few whips of fluffy white clouds. Very inviting I’m sure you’d agree. SAS aren’t a bad airline if you ever find yourself onboard, and it was a pleasant flight right up until the descent. I’m not one to be scared of flying, never have been. But the descent on this flight made me feel like my head would explode. Never fly with a cold! This is what I learned from that weekend.

After recovering from my distressing ordeal, I had a rather lovely time in Stolkholm airport. A lovely place in which you can actually smoke indoors. I’m not a smoker, but the vented glass smoking boxes impressed me very much. If only you could have seen this wondrous contraption. Unfortunately I was foolish enough not to take a photo, but it’s well worth an impromptu trip to Stolkholm.

The next leg was Stolkholm to Beijing. My first long haul flight, and my first venture outside of Europe. Exciting isn’t it! Not so much… 8 hours of watching The Avengers on repeat or a slow moving plane on a world map isn’t my idea of productive. I was however lucky enough to fly over Mongolia and snap this on the trusty phone.

The wing may have been holding us up, but it did get in the way of the shot

Clearly this was the highlight of that flight, although Avengers is rather good.

After landing in Beijing and going through customs, it wasn’t long before I was (figuratively) jumped by a middle aged woman. The camera in her sons hands flashed as she got her prize… A photo with her arms around a tallish white guy! This new found fame was somewhat shocking at first, but where else would this happen. I loved it!

After sitting in the airport for a time, I was pleased to be boarding, and eager to complete my journey. The final leg of course taking me to Shenyang (沈阳). Where I did of course lose my passport! But, after a brief bout of anger and worry, all was well in my new home.

The busy streets of Shenyang (沈阳)

Keep your eyes peeled for my next post (soon, I promise) on the Imperial Palace!