Adventures of a Dumbass

I finally made it to Asia! After a year of job searches all over South Korea, I have ended up in China, a slight change of plan. Of course I will keep you all informed about my wondrous travels, working life, and general experiences, but for now, a brief bit of help to the stranded Brit.

So, after arriving in Shenyang it quickly became apparent that I had in fact lost my passport. Better here than before leaving the airport of course… But not exactly ideal. In fact, please leave your thoughts on me changing my blog title to “Adventures of a Dumbass” (An Idiot Abroad has been taken). This mishap put me in a bit of a difficult spot. I could not return to the UK (not that I’d want to), and I am not able to apply for residency until my passport has been replaced.

This aside, I am working, I am living in a spacious 20th floor apartment, and I am enjoying the many delights (food in particular) that Shenyang has to offer. I intend to keep it this way, so of course I have applied for a new passport; and here is how it’s done.

First of all you need to report the loss of your passport to local police, and your nearest embassy. If you’re in the North East of China, this is unsuprisingly in Beijing. Once you’ve done this you can start the joyous task of filling in forms. All of these can be found from this link:
Of course this link also tells you exactly what you need to do, making this post redundant.

So instead, here are some pretty pictu… OK, it seems the Great Chinese Firewall has beaten me this time! Pictures to follow when I manage to break through.