China baby!

A slight change of plan has arisen! South Korea is no longer my destination… This isn’t as sad as it sounds, it simply means I’m going to China baby 😀

Yes that’s right! I’m going to China instead, and trust me I’m just as shocked as all of you (all of you that are shocked anyway). I actually received a call from my friend Dane telling me he had been offered a job in Shenyang, China. Of course I congratulated him whilst secretly planning ways to kill him and take his place (I’m just joking Dane). However, what came next was “They want other people, I told them you were after a job, get in touch with them now!”

And here I am just over a week later, I have the contract, I’ve quit my current job, just waiting on the visa and I’ll be leaving the UK a month today.

Despite these exciting times I still have to work off my months notice…



Just for fun

I haven’t posted in a while, you’ll soon see why. But for now here is some Photoshop malarkey!

Too obvious?