Is your cat evil?

My housemates recently got two kittens, so it seems I’m missing a post along the lines of “WOOOO KITTENS!” That might have been the case had it not been for recent events. That is why I’ve decided to give you an idea of how to figure out if your cat is evil.



Now I know what you’re thinking… “How could you possibly think those cute little buggers are evil?” If I didn’t live with them I’d probably think the same. But I do live with them, and I have been kept awake on many occasion, however that’s not it!

While I’m around they are both delightful, boisterous yes, but delightful all the same. Although I think Marselle has it in for me. Each time I do washing, I find drying clothes strewn across my floor. I returned from work 3 days ago to find a spilt glass of water all over my desk (when you have my luck with laptops this should’ve been expected). However, what makes me think that Marselle is well and truly evil is…

A terrifying reality. The Devil is a cat!

Disclaimer: No cat’s will be harmed as a result of this post (probably)!


Zero to Hero!

Working in an office you notice a lot of weird stuff happening. Gossip for one is constant, office banter and general tomfoolery (bringing it back) also rank highly. Of course with these come a small side effect when you yourself are the centre of attention. Embarrassment!

Now I’m not one that can be easily embarrassed. I do go incredibly red on occasion, but the actual feeling of embarrassment just doesn’t occur. It’s just easier to make a joke of it and go with the flow. Yesterday however, I was caught doing something I can’t recall doing before, least of all in the office. I was feeling my bicep!

Shameful I know! Who does that? Bodybuilders, Jersey Shore “stars” (so I’ve been told), or just general douchebags. Now I clearly don’t fit into the first two categories, and I kind of hope the third one doesn’t apply either; but the unstoppable laughter coming from my colleague (no names, he reads this blog and he’s bigger than me) really put me in an uncomfortable situation.

I’ll let you all have a moment to laugh it up…

Looking back now, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was fully justified. I’m quite pleased with the improvement. Having been going to the gym with my Personal Trainer/work colleague (the same guy who was laughing. He’s actually quite good, and he doesn’t charge… Cheers bud) I’m starting to notice some real improvements. Having always been quite athletic, particularly in recent years, it’s been good to try something new.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this cartoon which seems to have been written about me, years before I was even born. Enjoy!

We even have the same name

Who knows?

It’s been a while since my last post, not in any small part due to a severe lack of demotivation! Why would I be demotivated? It’s all because of one little email.
After sending a message to my main recruiter to find out reasons why I wasn’t receiving job offers, I got a reply I’d been dreading…

Hi Joe (this bit wasn’t so bad)
Unfortunately, due to a lack of available positions, they are generally going to applicants with teaching experience or those with an education degree.
I’ll let you know if there is interest in your profile.

So there it is! I have neither teaching experience nor an education degree, but all is not lost. I will get out to Korea eventually; but in the meantime, let’s see what other rubbish I can blog about.